There is a phenomena know as the overview effect. It typically happens to astronauts when they look back at the Planet Earth. There is a cognitive shift in awareness when you see things from a far. In the case above, borders, boundaries, countries, politics, race, creed, etc, all become meaningless. How can there be boundaries when we are all living together on the same blue planet?wr are all spinning together through outer space! Everything gets smaller the further you move away from it!

What problems, stories, labels, issues, etc, could you benefit from moving further away from? Let me know in the comments below.

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I’m an outdoorsy kinda guy! Love over packing my golden backpack full of just incase “Boy Scout” things, hopping on my steed and riding wherever my impulses guide me. Some days I end up a few blocks from home, while others I end up further than I ever imagined. Behind all of it, a desire to see, hear, taste, smell and touch this planet. It’s such a vibrant beautiful place that my desire to witness and experience everything and anything that comes across my path, is painfully addicting. My name is Ben and I’m an addict! Im a junkie for exploring life and all its offerings!

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