I love this photo!  I look at it and see more than just a man on a bike with a lake in the background.  I see a man, alone, balancing.  A man on a bike witnessing a wild greater than himself; The large lake, the big blue sky, the never ending mountainous landscape, the tall evergreen trees and the last wisps of some fading clouds.  I see a man with tense shoulders and feel hopeful that the following breath will soften them.  I see a shadow that appears to be larger than the man and yet I see that this man doesn’t notice or quite frankly doesn’t care.  I see a man who’s intention was to go straight when life through a lake in his path.  Though a road was laid to guide the man around, I see a hesitation and a curiosity to ignore it.  I see this photo and I don’t just see a man on a bike with a lake in the background.  I see me … all of me.

What do you see?

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I’m an outdoorsy kinda guy! Love over packing my golden backpack full of just incase “Boy Scout” things, hopping on my steed and riding wherever my impulses guide me. Some days I end up a few blocks from home, while others I end up further than I ever imagined. Behind all of it, a desire to see, hear, taste, smell and touch this planet. It’s such a vibrant beautiful place that my desire to witness and experience everything and anything that comes across my path, is painfully addicting. My name is Ben and I’m an addict! Im a junkie for exploring life and all its offerings!

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