Conversations with J

I wrote a post on forgiveness a few weeks back.  After it was published I shared it via social media.  Like always I received a few comments, one which caught my eye and heart.  Below is a copy of the inspiring conversation I had with Jarrod. J:  Pretty amazing dude.  I too hope one day soon […]

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I love this photo!  I love the moment it represents.  I also love it’s perfect reminder of how life ought to be lived! I learned a valuable lesson in India, one that was reminded to me again this past week. Everything in my life had to happen exactly as it did, to lead me to […]

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There is a phenomena know as the overview effect. It typically happens to astronauts when they look back at the Planet Earth. There is a cognitive shift in awareness when you see things from a far. In the case above, borders, boundaries, countries, politics, race, creed, etc, all become meaningless. How can there be boundaries […]

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Stop. Go back. Begin Again.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned stems a decade back to my time in theatre school. While studying theatre arts in college, I learned the lesson of stopping, going back and beginning again. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that like most lessons in life, it’s true potential didn’t really sink in until years […]

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