In the video above I talk about my NRS paddle board and how I had never actually taken it out on the water before on even stood up on a paddle board before. I won the paddle board at MEC’s annual paddle fest down at Jericho beach in Vancouver. I decided to keep the board at my Mum’s place in Qualicum Bay. They have a beach house and a lot of us go there to get some RnR.

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I’m an outdoorsy kinda guy! Love over packing my golden backpack full of just incase “Boy Scout” things, hopping on my steed and riding wherever my impulses guide me. Some days I end up a few blocks from home, while others I end up further than I ever imagined. Behind all of it, a desire to see, hear, taste, smell and touch this planet. It’s such a vibrant beautiful place that my desire to witness and experience everything and anything that comes across my path, is painfully addicting. My name is Ben and I’m an addict! Im a junkie for exploring life and all its offerings!

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