When I was around 2 years old my parents got the message loud and clear that I’m a curious soul. The story goes as follows … one moment my brother and I were playing in the snow and the next moment … I was gone. My parents, obviously a little worried, grilled my brother to find out where I went. His response to every question was simple …”Gone.” … “Where’s Ben Mike?” … “Gone.” … “Where’d he go Mike?” … “Gone.”

Now I’m not sure how long it took for them to find me, but when they did … I had apparently wandered down the street, climbed a snow bank, and then climbed on top of a snowmobile. With a big smile on my face, I was making “Vroom, Vroom” noises as I pretended to drive.

A close friend reminded me recently that not too much has changed. One moment, I’m at home working on a project and the next, I’ve climbed a mountain and then a tree, where I start making bird noises, as I pretend to talk to the animals.

I’m happy to say that if you are ever start to wonder where I am … stop. A better idea is to ask my brother. To this day, he still has the most accurate response.

What stories are told of you when you were young and how can you relate to them now? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments below.

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I’m an outdoorsy kinda guy! Love over packing my golden backpack full of just incase “Boy Scout” things, hopping on my steed and riding wherever my impulses guide me. Some days I end up a few blocks from home, while others I end up further than I ever imagined. Behind all of it, a desire to see, hear, taste, smell and touch this planet. It’s such a vibrant beautiful place that my desire to witness and experience everything and anything that comes across my path, is painfully addicting. My name is Ben and I’m an addict! Im a junkie for exploring life and all its offerings!

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